# Hitchy package manager 0.1.0+

There is a tool named hitchy-pm that can be used in projects to fetch peer dependencies of your project e.g. prior to running unit tests.

It takes a list of peer dependencies and checks whether they exist in current project or not. It is installing all missing dependencies using npm with --no-save option.

hitchy-pm @hitchy/plugin-auth @hitchy/plugin-session @hitchy/plugin-cookies @hitchy/plugin-odem

The tool is qualifying all provided names of peer dependencies, so it's okay to omit the prefix @hitchy/plugin- on every listed dependency for sake of readability.

hitchy-pm auth session cookies odem


Omitting prefix does not work unless it is exactly matching @hitchy/plugin-.

hitchy-pm auth session cookies odem --exec mocha --recursive --ui bdd test/scripts

This line is making sure all listed Hitchy plugins are available prior to invoking mocha for running tests in selected folder.

# Supported arguments

argument description
--quiet Suppresses output not related to some malfunction.
--exec This option ends list of parameters processed by hitchy-pm itself and starts collection of command name and its arguments to be invoked after having installed all missing dependencies.
--resolve Not yet supported.

This is going to use smarter approach inspecting current project's configuration and configuration of all its dependencies recursively to find the required peer dependencies.